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      Educational training
      Companies with special care the staff career growth. Encourage all staff to study more efficient work, through education and training to enhance their literacy, increase job skills, enhance team performance, efforts to create opportunities for people to grow and display their talents on the stage.


      Work environment
      In order to enhance the staff's feeling of belonging, the company supporting the construction of complete portrait of the facilities for the staff to create a good work, study and living environment, provide clothing, food, shelter, medicine, music and other aspects of convenience. Meanwhile, the company is very concerned about the health of employees, each employee into the plant must undergo a medical examination before, and build the company's health care platform for employees, maintenance staff mental health.


      To enrich staff of life, to encourage all employees to exercise, through physical exercise to enhance physical fitness, improve the team with the ability to promote diversity in the growth of entertainment, many efforts to create a growth environment for employees.