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corporate values:

Business goals:strive to become the world's most influential multi-layer circuit board manufacturer.

Enterprise mission:scientific creativity, contribute to the community, improve quality, healthy life.

Entrepreneurship:.Upright, energy innovation, never give up!

    Red Board Ltd. Cultural activities:

Birthday Party:

  Red board's birthday party is a highlight of the human environment. The monthly birthday party will be held for the staff, attention to every employee's birthday, and inspire with sports, arts professionals to display their expertise in talent. Meanwhile, the company has also set up various cultural, sports centers and professional training center for sports enthusiasts to provide a broad learning and stage show. 。
     Tonight Starry Night, song and laughter, immersed in the joy of the red sea board people have forgotten the time in the rotation, in each copy of happiness. In this happy time we shared the same time, we would like the red plate every day people can be in a warm, romantic, comfortable to spend. Let us know how to cherish and know better how to love, know better how to run a home - red boards, you and I together in this warm home for us to feel people do not like the red board a warm and welcoming, people do not realize the red plate the same energy and passion 。

  • Dongguan red board staff birthday party

  • Employees happy smile

Table Tennis Competition:

  In order to enrich the cultural life of workers and building a harmonious collective, factory employees to promote business activities flourished, increasing the staff of the sports level, and enhance staff's fitness, and actively create unity and progress, good healthy atmosphere. Administration Department and the company jointly organized a union in 2011, Dongguan red board table tennis game.

  • Demonstrate their leadership and staff

  • Departments learn

Chong climbing competitions in mind

  Love the sunset red the most of life, September 9 and Chong, The sky was clear, sunny, mountain climbing is a good time. Chung Yeung Festival early in the morning we cheered together at the factory gate waiting for the bus to the Lotus Hill, Health and other senior leaders in the Shaw led the way laughter, love came to the mountain all the way to the bottom, then ease to all the contestants Shaw Health shows the game volunteer team rules and obligations, with particular emphasis in the race to safety first, friendship second, the third game of sportsmanship. 。

  • Chongyang climbing all the way environmental

  • Chongyang climbing group photo

Songshan Lake BBQ record

  March 5, 2011, from Dongguan red board composed of volunteers spontaneous outings in the scenic Songshan Lake began the first leg. 5 Early in the morning, dressed volunteers, each carrying food prepared for the Spring BBQ, with pleasure, and began Spring BBQ tour. Twenty minutes' drive, we arrived at the destination. Breathing soak into the depths of the grass country's air, everyone in high spirits began to beautiful "sun and sand" the pace began to move。

  • Songshan Lake photo red board volunteers

  • Barbecue in progress

  • Happy funny moment

  • Complete and return

Recreational activities:

  Labour Union organizes timely basketball games, badminton games, singing contest, etc. for staff!

  • Party scene

  • Spring Festival Gala in 2016

  • 7th Men’s Basketball Game in 2015

  • Cheering squad for Basketball Game

  • Cheering squad for Basketball Game

  • The 8th session of Male Basketball Match

Volunteer activities’ Slogan:

   Even though we do not know each other, we “Red Board Volunteer” are willing to make bed for the elderly person of no family and help disabled children to peeling apples. With warm service, “Red Board Volunteer” are still be with you.!

  • Our company provided food and supplies to College of Special Education in Ji’an County.

  • Volunteer service for the aged men in Gaotang Geracomium, Ji’an county.

Fun Games

  The sports game brought our staff a full relaxation, and improved understanding and emotional advancement!

  • Rope Skipping in Sports Games for Staff in 2014

  • Hula Hooping in sports games

Training for Staff

  • Orientational Training for enterprises of Industrial Estate

  • Labour Union on behalf of our company salute the staff under high temperature environment who take their responsibility industriously for cleaning the whole company.

Traveling Activity:

  I am willing to see the big world with you. I am right here, but where are you?

  • Two-day Trip of Mingyue Mountain in 2016

  • Pictures before departure