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        Utilities talent pool, with the opportunity to train qualified personnel, personnel with the incentive mechanism

First, employing the principle of

        Fair competition, merit, ability and political integrity; not seniority, the capable, the commonplace, fair competition, survival of the fittest.
        We are committed to training people, attraction, the use of people, to explore the core of human talent strategy, and constantly strive for excellence in talent, target, project, knowledge management, so that specific things to retain talent, so the fact that to retain talent.

Second, Career Rules

        The company will people as our most important asset and the driving force behind long-term development, the selection of talent through the establishment of echelon training mechanism, promotion of fair and scientific management mechanism, a mechanism for training different categories of systems, a reasonable distribution of wealth welfare system, build business and employees long-term win-win community of interests of enterprises and employees to grow.

        The company recruits career can be divided into: technical class and management class in both directions, the staff can be based on their ability, talent planning to choose their own career path.

Third, Training system

        Characteristics of the enterprise according to the PCB industry and staff training needs, first made ​​adequate training budgets and training programs under the guarantee of full funding to organize training courses under the training program, and hard to implement various grassroots level. The way in training: house training and external training to combine; the teachers: the use of external and internal training resources combine excellent instructor, multi-level specific training. Arrangement of courses both PCB expertise, the skills of job skills, knowledge, and so the ISO training. More involved in the various levels of management direction and methods of training, all training courses are fully reflect the core values, so that the general staff long-term "charge."

Fourth, Pay system

        The company has been in place and staff seniority, ability, skills, performance, performance matched the rich sound of the industry competitive salary management system, the enterprise management system and the pay as management of long-term development orientation and focus. The company's salary management system is used year after year rating system, mainly based on staff seniority, ability, skills, performance, performance, promotion and demotion of employees, which opened in the internal distribution gap, so pay close integration with the corporate strategic objectives to achieve business win-win situation with employees.
        As long as your hard work, learn, progress, opportunity can be promoted. Each of our employees provide a level playing platform, paying respect and hard work of all employees.
        Capacity and performance are the fundamental basis of our fixed salary. We offer attractive core personnel incentive compensation program.

Fifth, Management mechanism

        We always uphold the "people-oriented" management philosophy, the staff as the company's most valuable asset, companies and employees to achieve "win-win" is our goal.
        We are committed to creating a pleasant and harmonious working environment, equality, communication and mutual understanding of the work atmosphere.
        Through internal publications, travel, birthday parties, outreach activities and other events to enhance their sense of belonging.