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Environmental Policy:

As one of the world-class printed circuit board manufacturers and as a good corporate citizen,Red Board(Jiangxi) committed to conducting its business in an environmentally responsible manner through the development and implementation of a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) which can be implemented properly and thoroughly:

  • Red Board(Jiangxi) Ltd. will comply with all national and local environmental laws and regulations applicable to its operations.
  • Red Board(Jiangxi) Ltd. will manage its activities to prevent environmental pollution and avoid any risk to the safety and health of its employees.
  • Red Board(Jiangxi) Ltd. will introduce "green" materials and "pollution-free" facilities/technologies in its operation to minimize the effects of its products and production process to the environment,by using material and energy more efficiently and implementing the concepts of waste minimization,conservation of natural resources can be achieved.
  • Red Board(Jiangxi) Ltd. will communicate its commitment to Environmental Policy to its employees,vendors and customers;and solicit their inputs for continuous improvement of its EMS.
Quality Function
  • Check laminate
  • PREPREG check
  • Check the copper foil
  • Check bit

Certificaiton of IS14001

Certificaiton of ISO9001

Certification of IATF16949