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Red Board(Dongguan) benefits:

First, health care care

     Company has a clinic, a doctor hired by the company and prepare commonly used drugs for minor skin wounds and the introduction of free treatment, the treatment of other diseases receive only the wholesale price of drugs, the company is not profitable to implement the treatment.

2、Medical Benefits Fund

2.1 Principle

     Establish a medical fund to help each other's health care system as the fundamental purpose.

2.2 Using the object and scope of the

     All the factory to one month, the illness is acute and severe cases that required immediate hospitalization, may cause life-threatening exacerbations or employees can enjoy the plant's medical costs of medical assistance funds.

2.3 Fund Source

     2.3.1 Sporadic Fund levy to all colleagues, staff per head of the class 3 yuan / month, general management staff 5 yuan / month, Explorer-class staff of more than 10 yuan / month, by the Finance Ministry and the monthly payroll deductions when the transfer into the medical fund special account.

     2.3.2 Employees from the factory for whatever reason, their job to pay the medical expenses of the Fund during the period will not be refunded.

2.4 Fund monitoring

     2.4.1 Employee health care fund by the Department of Human Resources and Administration, Finance Department, a clinic co-regulation.

     2.4.2 Fund the regulatory authorities will be announced beginning of each month in the form of employees report to you the use of funds.

2.5 Specific implementation details, see the Department of Administration issued the "medical benefits fund system" and its description.

2.6 Employees in case of accidents must be notified in writing within 12 hours, the Department of Human Resources and Administration, or the impact on claims arising from any obstacle will be the party where the department heads.

Second、Social Welfare Insurance

1. Injury Insurance

     The company has the employees' accidental injury insurance, such as work-related injuries occur, the need to immediately notify the Department of Human Resources and Administration, sent to designated by the Social Security hospital clinic, the cost basis for grants related to social work injury insurance, Dongguan City, the relevant regulations. Note: Any deliberate injury or I deliberately deepen behavior (such as: suicide, self-mutilation, etc.) and those without extraordinary illegal operation by himself or the consequences will be responsible departments own risk (including the driver driving violation).

2. Pension

     Probationary period for all company employees qualified to buy the social pension insurance, based on their payment method, Dongguan City, the relevant provisions of the social pension insurance (management staff according to company regulations), when employees leave can return to the local social insurance old-age insurance sector continue to be insured.

3.Housing Fund

     Company based on "Dongguan housing provident fund deposit management approach" for employees' housing fund.

4.Health Insurance

     To protect the employees' basic health care, pension insurance companies to apply to employees to buy application to buy basic medical insurance, according to its payment and expenditure of medical insurance workers in Dongguan City, the relevant provisions. Recruits require hospitalization if the illness can bring social security card to the designated hospitals for medical treatment of social security, to enjoy the social security health insurance benefits.

5.Unemployment insurance

     Company to buy social insurance for the applicant's employees to apply for unemployment insurance to buy, based on their pay and expenditure of the unemployment insurance, workers in Dongguan City, the relevant provisions. Back office employees in the old-age insurance benefits when their unemployment insurance benefits an social security department by the payment.

Third, recreational facilities

     Company provides a variety of recreational facilities such as library, billiard, table tennis, badminton, basketball, projection room and a variety of chess, etc., the company's recreational facilities by the employees may apply for each type of recreational facilities enjoy, but not noisy and disruptive at the venue, not to damage the recreational facilities in place. Access to indoor recreation facilities, must be neatly dressed, not naked.

Fourth, the canteen

     The company has advanced equipment and health of the canteen, canteen employees in the canteen at meal times to keep clean, take the time to have dinner order, and after a meal to cutlery into the recycling of tableware, cutlery of all employees who must care for and, if damaged compensation according to price plus fifty percent of all employees are to be treasured food or food are not free to waste, or as the case accordingly punished.

Five quarters

     Company for the employees comfortable accommodation, the occupancy dormitory employees must strictly comply with the regulations. (Please refer to Chapter 8, "into the residential management") the use of certain additional facilities in the form of user pays will be charged to expenses incurred by the user.

Six, convenience stores

     Company has a "convenience store" for employees to buy daily necessities.

Seven, training

     Companies have set up the technology, management skills and other free training, if necessary, the company will appoint someone to go out training now so that employees learn job-related knowledge.

Eight, union, Mission Branch

     Company with trade unions, party branches, to facilitate communication between companies and employees and communication, the employee may reflect the problems that exist within the company, can make various comments or suggestions.

Red Board(Jiangxi) benefits:

1、 a sound social insurance and housing fund management system.

2、employees enjoy national holidays and maternity leave, marriage leave, paid holidays, annual leave and other benefits.

3、for all clinic staff to provide daily medical care.

4、complete logistics entertainment facilities: construction of an indoor and outdoor basketball court, indoor badminton court, football field, billiards room, table tennis room, cinema room, computer room, gym, reading room, inside supermarkets, tea shop, laundry, Self-service, open-air stage and so on.

5、from time to time for sports events and entertainment activities to enrich the cultural life of his spare time employees.

6、 provides a number of restaurant service, the staff to fully enjoy the power to choose dining.

7、first-class accommodation, staff quarters are air-conditioned and equipped with two separate bathroom, balcony, washing Su sets, wardrobe, desk, network facilities and services. Giving monthly electricity subsidy.

8、free shuttle car factory employees to work.

9、to provide staff with a full range of labor supplies, to ensure staff safety, the prevention of occupational diseases. Part of the management staff have phone charges subsidies.

10、Jian company employees handling accounts, personal file transfer procedures and the relationship between party organizations to assist the school procedures for employees' children.

11、according to the company and staff development needs, planning training programs inside and outside the plant, so that employees value, for the staff to build a good career planning.

12、according to the company's actual development and operating effectiveness of planning an annual salary and year-end awards program.