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        As a world-class manufacturer of circuit board and a co-citizens, the red board committed to its development will be environmentally responsible way of conducting its business and the implementation of effective environmental management system (EMS). To ensure proper environmental management system can be fully implemented, the red board is the policy of the following principles:

First, the red board in its compliance with all applicable national and local operations of environmental regulations

        Red Board Ltd. strictly enforce the "three simultaneous" system, the project environmental protection facilities investment of 47 million yuan, accounting for 14.7% of the total investment. Companies were in March 2009 and February 2010 organized by the Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Office, the project phase one and two completed environmental acceptance, to achieve the "three wastes" discharge, and to obtain emissions permits. The company in February 2010 reviewed by BM TRADA, built according to the ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system requirements. The company achieve discharge standards, while actively promoting clean production technology, extensive use of advanced processing technology and online resources to achieve energy saving renewable technologies, to create a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" enterprise.

Second, the red plate to regulate their behavior to prevent environmental pollution and ensure a good working environment for employees

        Company wastewater treatment plant designed daily processing 9750T / day of wastewater capacity wastewater treatment plant transformed daily processing 5000T/day, waste copper efflux less than 0.3mg / L, to achieve "emission standards for plating GB 21900-2008" Table 3 pollution emission limits in particular the requirements of other pollutants discharge standards.

Third, the red plate in the business of importing "green" materials and "clean" equipment and technology

        Red board in its business in the import of "green" materials and "clean" equipment and technology to reconcile their products to minimize the impact on the environment, by more efficient use of materials and energy, reduce waste and implement the concept, so as to achieve conserve natural resources. Red board will communicate its environmental policy commitments to its employees, suppliers and customers; and seek their environmental management systems into continuous improvement.


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In the development process of production for domestic and international actively seeking advanced circuit board industry, waste water, solid waste recycling technology has been used in cleaner production and renewable technologies are as follows:

    First, the extraction + electrolysis process using acid etching liquid handling, liquid waste in the recycling of copper, while achieving 70 to 80% of waste reuse, recycling through the use of etching fluid system to realize the savings of materials, reduce emissions, recycling resources.

    Second, the use of advanced membrane electrolysis etching solution regeneration, in the recovery of copper, while the etching fluid reclamation and reuse, the full realization of a high copper etching waste of "zero" emissions.

    Third, the use of electrolytic copper micro-etching process with low fluid, measured with the copper ion concentration in the effluent reduced to 1g / L or less, and achieve 100% of copper waste of resources. By electrolysis treatment, H2O2 + H2SO4 series of micro-corrosion solution enables reuse of product line; NPS + H2SO4 solution as a series of micro-corrosion treatment of waste acid, the full use of waste and the acid-base itself, greatly reducing the amount of materials to reduce water treatment costs.

    Fourth, the use of cyanide-breaking technology + online electrolysis activated carbon adsorption process, cyanide wastewater plant outfall to achieve discharge standards, and recycling waste water in the precious metals.

    Fifth, using resin exchange technology to recycle nitrate folder, fry tank and pickling processes produce waste nitric acid, sulfuric acid, treated to reduce impurities in the metal ion concentration and the production line after the return of waste acid recycling, saving more than 70% of the material, reducing production costs, reduce waste water treatment load.

    Sixth, Red Board Co., Ltd. fly Pakistan-based signal control intermittent running washing techniques, combined with the wash temperature and strengthen the mixing water to achieve 20% to 30% water efficiency; wastewater treatment stations are being installed in the water reuse system can achieve 30% 40% of the wash water